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Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential Oil for Headache


A headache is a type of pain that is located in the head. It may be on one side or both. The pain from them can be very sharp or dull. They can also start in one area and spread out to cover more of your head. When you have a headache, minutes can seem like hours and all lights or sounds can seem to make it hurt even more.





Essential Oil for ColdCold
Each year, there comes a season when we must all worry about cold and flu prevention. Should we take medications throughout the entire season or are we better off to just deal with it when we end up sick? Neither option sounds good to most people.




Essential Oil for CoughCough
When you have a cough that you cannot seem to get rid of, life becomes complicated. It becomes hard to sleep, relax, and even breathe. You should talk to your doctor about a chronic cough, to ensure that there isn’t something wrong. However, the cough that comes along with a cold or allergies can sometimes be relieved if you use essential oils for cough.




Essential Oil for SleepingSleeping
There are times in our life when sleeping seems to be the unachievable goal. Most people average less than the recommended 6-8 hours a night because we spend our days and our night feeling stressed. We may wake up often throughout the night and toss and turn while we are sleeping.




Essential Oil for AnxietyAnxiety/Stress
Anxiety is a feeling of fear or extreme nervousness that can attack anyone at any time. Its main trigger is usually stress that we do not gain control of. It may come when you have a first day at a new school or job, when you need to stand in front of a crowd, or when doing anything that is not “normal”.