Take Control of Your Life with Essential Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or extreme nervousness that can attack anyone at any time. Its main trigger is usually stress that we do not gain control of. It may come when you have a first day at a new school or job, when you need to stand in front of a crowd, or when doing anything that is not “normal”. For most people, it goes away on its own. We can work through it. For others, it can become something that prevents them from living life to the fullest. There are medications that can ease anxiety, but there are also many more natural ways to handle it. One of the most popular choices is using essential oils for anxiety.

Dealing with Anxiety

Many people confuse stress and anxiety. Stress is a natural response to dealing with things. It can become anxiety if we do not find a way to deal with stressful situations, which can also lead to depression. Anxiety can stress our immune system, interrupt our personal and social lives, and influence our performance in the workplace. It can rob us of finding the joy in things that we usually enjoy. Ultimately, if we cannot gain control, it can cause us to completely disengage from the world around us. This is where herbs, essential oils, and aromatherapy can help.

The Use of Essential Oils for Anxiety

For years, our ancestors used certain scents and natural oils to help them through everything from a minor cold to a major illness. Essential oils have proven that they can be effective in calming the mind and body. They work best when you have a doctor’s support as well as the natural oils. They are meant to provide you with a sense of calmness so that your body and your mind can find the proper balance you need to help you deal with the everyday challenges that we all must face. Natural oils do not cause side effects and may even help you combat the side effects of other more traditional medicines that you may take to calm down.

Relaxing Your Mind and Body

One of the most effective ways to relax your mind and body may come from a diffuser. If you are feeling stressed, lavender and frankincense can help your active mind calm down. To help you sleep at night when you are feeling stressed, you may also consider lemongrass or even Neroli, which also has a floral hint.

Bergamot oils have a nice citrus scent that can stimulate your blood flow and improve your mood. Chamomile is great for its calming properties. Rose oils can give you a feeling of tranquility. If you feel the need to increase your focus and stay clear-minded, you can also use sandalwood essential oils and enjoy a nice woodsy aroma all around you.

Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Jasmine, bitter orange, and Vetiver are all oils that you should consider if you are dealing with a lot of stress or anxiety in your life. They are great for relaxing and may even help you live healthier.

How to Use Essential Oils for Anxiety

The beauty of essential oils is that they can be used in a variety of different ways. Most all can be used in a diffuser to ensure that no matter where you are in your home, a sense of calmness can be with you. Many of them can be inhaled directly from the bottle to give you a burst of peacefulness. They can also be used in a bathtub to relax your mind and body.

Some oils, such as jasmine can be used on your wrists so that you can relieve anxiety no matter where you are. You may also benefit from dabbing a little near your temple or on the bridge of your nose, if you want to feel calmer, since some say it can calm your nervous system. If your partner is willing, many oils can be rubbed on you during a massage to help you unwind at the end of the day. However, it should be noted that anytime you apply oil directly on your skin, you need to also have a carrier oil to ensure that you do not have a massive reaction to the oil. The most popular carrier oils are sweet almond, jojoba, olive, and avocado oils.

Why It Works

You may be wondering how essential oils can really help you cope with anxieties. The answer to this is simple. When you open a bottle of essential oil, it evaporates quickly, which creates a type of vapor around your body. The scent immediately gets into your sinuses as you breathe it in. As you inhale, there are nerve receptors that will pick up on the scent and it will travel to the olfactory part of your brain. This olfactory area of your brain is responsible for memory, emotions, and the lymphatic brain, which controls your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. As you inhale, some also enters your lungs where it will then change how your body responds to stress. The more often you smell the oils and the stronger it is when you inhale it, the more calming it can be for you.

Are You Ready to Relax?

If you want to use essential oils to manage anxieties, you need to do it safely. These oils have been used for years. They are all-natural and very powerful. You should test for an allergic reaction before applying it to your skin and you should also use the carrier oils. However, as long as you stick with 100% pure essential oils, you should never have negative side effects from using them. You should simply feel that you are calmer, and perhaps a little healthier since essential oils can help you get relief from a variety of different health issues. These other health issues include colds, flus, migraines, and much more. As a bonus, even if you do not find yourself feeling more relaxed, your home will smell great once you find an oil that you love. Beyond that, it cannot possibly be bad for you to enjoy a calming scent. Why not see if you feel your anxiety slip away?