Essential Oils for Sleeping Will Ensure a Restful Night Ahead

There are times in our life when sleeping seems to be the unachievable goal. Most people average less than the recommended 6-8 hours a night because we spend our days and our night feeling stressed. We may wake up often throughout the night and toss and turn while we are sleeping. What if you could sleep better, wake up feeling more refreshed, without having to deal with taking medications? Would you take advantage of it? If you ask around, you will find the best thing for getting a full night’s sleep is often something as simple as using essential oils for sleeping.

Achieving a Better Night’s Sleep

There may be numerous reasons why you are not getting enough rest during the night. It may be caused by bad habits that keep you up, such as playing on your phone or watching television which can cause over-stimulation. You may drink too much caffeine right before bedtime, take medications that make it hard to fall asleep, have a bad mattress, and more. There may also be cases where you lay down each night, restless leg syndrome robs you of your rest or you may simply not have enough melatonin in your body to make it easy for you to rest. Whatever the problem may be, your doctor can give you advice on things you can try if you have trouble falling or staying asleep. This will ensure that you do not have a medical condition that can cause it. From there, it may be something as simple as change up your routine and adding essential oils for sleep and relaxation.

Developing Good Sleep Habits

Some people feel that bedtime routines are only useful for kids. This is not always true. We all have things we do right before we go to bed. It may be that we put on pajamas or get a drink of water, brush our teeth, visit the bathroom, etc. You can take it a step further by setting a bedtime for yourself. Go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7am every day, even on the weekends. This will reset your body’s clock so that at 11pm you will be ready for sleep. You should also cut out on screen time about an hour before bed to ensure that your brain isn’t focused on something when you are trying to rest. During the hour that you have without the screen, you can focus your attention on relaxation. Turn down the lights, take a shower, put essential oils into the diffuser or your bath water, and do the things that will make you most comfortable.

Do Essential Oils Really Help?

Essential oils have already proven that they can help your sinuses feel more open. Menthol and eucalyptus are prime examples of it. There are also some scents that people associate with calmness and relaxation, think lavender scented things. When you want a more restful night’s sleep, you should focus on the scents that give you the ability to breathe better and relax rather than citrus scents which may energize your mind. By using the ones that make breathing easier, you will have less snoring or other sinus issues keeping you up, and with the relaxing scents, your mind will be more peaceful.

Best Oils for Sleeping

When you want to fall asleep and stay asleep for the full eight hours each night, you may want to consider using essential oils for sleep. If this is something you are interested in, the best options are:

  • Lavender, which can reduce anxiety, depression, and pain. This will increase your body’s ability to rest more fully.
  • Vanilla, which has sedative effects for the mind. It can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and quiet the nervous system.
  • Jasmine is a great choice if you experience restlessness and anxiety. It has been proven to calm both issues.
  • Chamomile has always been thought of as a relaxing scent. It can relieve insomnia and anxiety and there are some who say that it may also reduce nightmares.
  • Rose or Geranium, since they both have a pleasant scent that can reduce stress and anxiety. They are also good if you want to mix them with other essential oils.
  • Sandalwood and Citrus can relax some people, but they may also stimulate others. If you enjoy these scents, you may have to try it to see how your body and mind responds to it.

If you want to get the most benefits from essential oils, you should stick with scents that you love. Otherwise, you will not enjoy relaxing with them as much as you should.

How to Use Essential Oils

One great thing about essential oils is that they are so simple to use. You can put them in a diffuser and make your entire home smell great, or you can use them in numerous other ways. If you use it along with a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil, you can even apply the oil to your skin. This means that before bed, you can put a few drops on your hand and sniff to let the relaxation kick in quickly. If you are combining peppermint or eucalyptus to help you breathe better at night, you can apply it to your forehead, neck, chest, feet, or wrist. You may add it to your bath water and relax in the steam before you crawl into bed. The same can be achieved if you boil water and put a few drops of essential oils into it. When doing this, you can hold a towel over your head, which will clear away sinus congestion. You may also enjoy spraying a little of the essential oil onto your pillow before you lay down. When you do this, you will have a comforting scent near you throughout the night.

Are You Ready for a Good Night?

Most essential oils for sleeping are safe to use. However, before you apply it directly to your skin, you need to make sure that you will not have a reaction to it. You wouldn’t want an itchy spot to keep you up at night. You may also want to consult with your doctor before using oils and you should not use them on small children without a doctor saying it is okay to do so. Otherwise, just a little drop of scented oils will make your home smell great and relax you enough that you will get a restful night’s sleep. Are you ready for it?