Essential Oils For a Cold Can Be Effective

Each year, there comes a season when we must all worry about cold and flu prevention. Should we take medications throughout the entire season or are we better off to just deal with it when we end up sick? Neither option sounds good to most people. Therefore, we must think a little harder. In an effort to help you this cold season, we suggest giving essential oils a chance. It has been proven that essential oils can shorten cold symptoms and maybe even keep you from getting another one.

Why Use Essential Oils?

When you think about it, most of us already use essential oils for colds in many ways. Cough drops often have eucalyptus in them, many people use peppermint to ease their sore throats, and Vicks vapor rub for chest congestion, or even the use of menthol in most cold medicines available today. Many of the same ingredients that are used in those “old” remedies are available in an essential oil, which can be used in a variety of ways. We say, “Why wait until you are fighting off a cold?” This type of remedy can help you treat and prevent colds from getting the best of your family.

Which Oils are Best for Cold Relief?

When you really start to think about it, it makes sense. There are a variety of oils that are good for helping you keep cold and flu germs at bay. These oils are things that most of us have heard about or used for years, passed down from our great-grand parents. We just didn’t realize that they were essential oils or could come in a purer way. Most all oils can be put into a diffuser to help you relax, feel happier, and to simply make your home smell nice. These same nebulizing diffusers may be used to keep the air in your home cleaner so that the cold virus is unable to thrive in it. The best oils to use in a diffuser to keep the airborne germs away include:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Peppermint

If you keep these oils in your home’s air diffuser, your home will smell great and you will be helping your family stay healthier. You will be fighting off the colds before they have a chance to settle in. However, it can also help you if your family is currently battling off cold season.

How to Use Natural Oil Remedies

We all know that when we are out in public, we should wash our hands frequently, avoid drinking after others, and more to avoid germs. At home, we often relax a little and forget that germs can still come in. It only takes a diffuser and some oils. Your home’s air could be free of germs and your family will be breathing in nicer smelling air. If you are concerned about an overwhelming scent, you can try using lemongrass or consider mixing several oils together to create a pleasant scent that will not be overpowering.

If you already have cold germs spreading around, you can add these oils to a steaming bowl of water and inhale them to bust up congestion or alleviate the common side effects of having a cold. All it takes is a few drops of your favorite oil and steaming water. You can use a towel over your head to ensure that you get all the benefits of the oil’s steam.

You may also opt to bathe in them if you have a stubborn cold that will not go away. This will also be relaxing to your aching body and your foggy mind. If your family seems to keep passing a cold around, you may also choose to disinfect your home with cinnamon bark, lemon, oregano, tea tree oil, or other natural oils that can be applied to hard surfaces as a disinfectant.

Hot or cold compresses may also be effective in some cases. Essential oils for a cold can be used to help a variety of issues. A headache, which usually comes with a cold can be relieved effectively with frankincense. Simply microwave a dampened towel or washcloth, add a few drops of frankincense oil with lavender, and hold it on your head or your chest. The headache will go away. Eucalyptus can also be added if you have a stuffy head or chest.

Are Essential Oils Safe?

One of the best things about dealing a cold using natural oils is that you can use them in a variety of different ways. Most of them are completely harmless and can be used around or with children. However, it is also advised that you avoid ingesting natural oils. Some, such as eucalyptus oil can be toxic if you swallow it.

Also, if you use oils undiluted on your skin, you may have a reaction. This means that if you want to apply directly, you should use olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and others to mix the essential oil with. These types of oils are called carrier oils and using them will give you the benefits of essential oils without any risk of inflammation that may come from using straight oils.

You should also avoid giving peppermint oil to children who are under six-years-old. Menthol has been proven to be bad for smaller children. You may also want to talk to your doctor before using oils if you are pregnant.

Protect Your Home and Family

Colds and flus can attack us at any time throughout the year. There are just as many summer colds as winter colds going around. The flu is mostly a winter issue, but even bronchitis can catch us when we least expect it. If all it takes to protect your home and family from it is the use of essential oils for a cold, why not get a head start on the cold and flu season by protecting your home? Your family will thank you, you will all breathe easier, and your doctor will see less of you in the coming year. Can you see a downside when it is so easy to do?